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Child Care in Switzerland: A Guide for Expats

All of Your Options & Things to Know

Are you an expat family considering a move to Switzerland for work and wondering about your child care options? The prospect of relocating to a new country is exciting, but also comes with the challenge of organizing and understanding how child care operates in your future host country. Below we have collated valuable insights into how child care works in Switzerland, specifically targeting the needs, questions and potential concerns of expats who may be relocating to Switzerland from countries such as the United States or the UK, in order to help you make informed decisions regarding child care when your big move comes.

Little Star Day School supports expats and their families with child care in Zurich and Zug, Switzerland.

An Overview of Child Care Options:

Switzerland places strong emphasis on the availability of high-quality child care and early education. The country offers a range of child care options to suit the needs of working parents, ensuring that children receive nurturing care and essential learning experiences.

Child Care Facilities

Child care facilities in Switzerland include day care centers, preschools, and after-school care programs. These centers are regulated by the Swiss government to maintain high standards of safety, education, and overall well-being of children.

Public vs. Private Child Care

Switzerland provides both public and private child care facilities. Public child care is typically subsidized by the government, making it more affordable for residents. Private child care options often have more flexible hours and specialized programs, but they come at a higher cost.

Child Care Costs

Child care costs in Switzerland can vary based on factors such as location, type of child care, and whether it’s public or private. It’s essential to research and budget for these costs in advance to plan your finances accordingly.

Child Care Subsidies

Expat families working in Switzerland may be eligible for child care subsidies, especially if they have a work permit or residency. These subsidies can help offset child care expenses and make it more affordable for families.

Child Care Quality and Regulations

Switzerland places great importance on the quality of child care. Child care facilities adhere to strict regulations to ensure the safety, health, and development of children. Trained and qualified staff members provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for children.

Finding Child Care

When seeking child care options in Switzerland, start your search well in advance. Local expat networks, online directories, and recommendations from other parents can be valuable resources to help you find suitable child care facilities.

Child Care options for expat families in Zurich, Kilchberg and Zug, Switzerland.
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Your Child Care in Zurich, Kilchberg and Zug.

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